Control Room


Jazzy Stax Vol.1

HA Ya-Ali

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Hooked On Tech


"We dont care about No Grammy, in reality I nominated myself in 2014."  

HA is breaking the mold on this dHUA release, touching on his previous albums as Usephasan. Authenticity for real, of course unique! Because we are all unique by nature, yet as we have seen the human nature can be altered.

Released on ISO

Pest Control (Soundtrack)

PER Music Library

Urban Sufi Music: ONE


Urban Sufi Music: One, is the first installment of a series of records. Its based on Hasan's visits to South-East Asia from 2017-20. Including a semi-masjid tour of Malaysia and Indonesia, and the cultures that surround each community.

AOB Revisited Album



Remixes and Remasters for Adams Oneman Band (2003) by Autolect & His Meltdown Movement. Now producing as Basmala. The album was un-published until 2023.

Scienc Esquizit Album



Scienc.Esquizit is 19 tracks of prep works, released in Dec. of 2003. The album features "Periodic Tables," Chuck D named it "one of the 100 most supreme mp3's of 2000."

Wildcraft Album by Acklan



Wildcraft is an album/project from HA (Hasan). Wildcraft was recorded on Akai GX-266 (Gemini) 1/8 Reel. The sound is Amazing and fits the Digital artwork precisely.