Hooked On Tech (HOT)

dHUA announces Hooked On Tech & Off The Dribble (Official)!
The four horseman (ultra) meet Chuckie D, as the Apocalypse kicks off, slated for a 2028 'Get Down', Allahu Aleem. dHUA challenges the narrative with his underground Hiphop firm footed on planet ARD. dHUA pushes past the mis-information-age, corralling and cultural capitulation. Bringing balance, with his distinctive choppy jazzHop beats. Expect some collabs, but if it doesn't happen, Alhamdililah (All praises be to Allah). Pull the plug on your internet and dial into the heavens. dHUA is back

American rapper/emcee dHUA (aka HA of Basmala, Bil) doesn't do pride, yet feels compelled to announce the release of Hooked on Tech (HOT), dropping in 2023 via his own Sub-Industry Recordings. Inspired by recent human behavior shifts, plans to enlist familiar faces and collaborations, to create and articulate the impact of our ‘NEW’ reimagined society. Not looking for hits, backers or "the bag" / paper, after dropping two studio recordings in 2020. dHUARoosters Go Back To The Koop and dHATA: Money, Food and I.D., both break the prism of what humans perceived other humans could have conceived. From social gaslighting on an international level, The line up is razor sharp and amazing.

Distortion and Lies, picks up where Octavious (Mush) the artists presented years ago with his seminal album Liars & Thieves.

HA replies, “To make something like this happen, static population group think was enlisted. I plan to bring on-board any ally’s on they got-down. Help is the new key, help out where you can, who you can. Ultra-Fascism is curated & co-produced, from a transparent place, deep relationships across the globe. You know no ego’s or thinking oneself important. And finally Let it flow, let it go, let it GRO! Pinpoint accuracy for the toil and  fruits of labor.”

dHUA makes it plain and simple, "We dont care about No Grammy, in reality I nominated myself in 2014." HA is breaking the mold on this dHUA release, touching on his previous albums as Usephasan & Autolect. Authenticity for real, of course unique! Because we are all unique by nature, yet as we have seen the human nature can be altered.

Out Now: Off The Dribble (Official) The Best of Rhymes (2020-22) from dHUA (emcee) a monicker raised out of necessity in 2020 after HA returned from Malaysia.